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Regular Course

Undergraduate Preparatory Track

Regular Course

Undergraduate Preparatory Track

Undergraduate preparatory track is pathway for students who wish to pursue undergraduate degree at Sungkyunkwan University. Students who are accepted through this track will be able to enter undergraduate degree program if they meet the admission criteria within the given period of time. As for the details and specific admission schedule, please carefully refer to the below admission guideline.




1. Overview

  • 1) Admission Schedule
  •  - Online Application: April 15 ~ May 3, 2024
  •  - Document Submission(Postal Only): April 15 ~ May 7, 2024 ※ Based on the arrival of documents
  •  - Admission Announcement: May 31, 2024
  • 2) The admission materials submitted by applicants will undergo a screening process conducted by the SKKU Admission Office. The final selection of candidates will primarily rely on their academic performance.
  • 3) Available Admission Units for Application

지원가능 모집단위 표
Campus Admission Unit Department/Major
Humanities & Social Sciences Campus Humanities Confucian and Oriental Studies
Korean Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Korean Literature in Classical Chinese, History , Philosophy, Library and Information Science
Social Sciences Public Administration, Political Science and Diplomacy, Media and Communication, Sociology, Social Welfare, Psychology, Consumer Sciences, Child Psychology and Education
Economics, Statistics
Business Administration
Natural Sciences Campus Natural Sciences Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
Food Science and Biotechnology, Bio-Mechatronic Engineering, Integrative Biotechnology
Engineering Chemical Engineering/Polymer Science & Engineering, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture, Systems Management Engineering,Nano Engineering

※ The Korean language program will be conducted at the Seoul campus, regardless of the admission units chosen by the students.

  • 4) Selected students will be admitted to the undergraduate program upon meeting the admission criteria within the specified timeframe
  • 5) Applicants have the option to select up to their second choice for admission units, and the final admission unit will be determined based on their Korean language proficiency during the undergraduate admission process.

    Once the admission unit choices have been made, they cannot be changed thereafter.

2. Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Degree Program

  • 1) Completion of 2 or more sessions of Regular Korean Language Program at SLI
  • 2) Completion of Level 4 or above at Sungkyun Language Institute
  • 3) Online Application for International Student Admission and Submission of Required Qualification Screening Documents
  • 4) Deadline to fulfill the criteria: Differs according to the admitted session

    Applicants who meet the Korean language criteria are required to apply for undergraduate admission for the upcoming session. Postponing the admission due to personal reasons is not permitted.

3. Exclusive offers for successful applicants

  • 1) Admission support services (Information sessions and counseling)
  • 2) Scholarship opportunities upon enrollment in an undergraduate degree program

4. Courses – Regular Korean Language Program

  • 1) Each session consists of 8 weeks (Approx. 200 class hours)
  • 2) Class hours: Monday~ Friday, 9:00AM ~ 2:50PM
  • 3) Cultural activities provided each session: Korean cultural experience supervised by SLI teachers
  • 4) Textbook: Sungkyun Korean(성균한국어) level 1~6, each level consisting of 2 volumes, Vocabulary/Grammar and Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing

5. Admission Requirements

  • 1) Nationality: (At the time of application) Foreign students whose parents are both foreign citizens
  • 2) Academic: Applicants who graduated from high school (or expected to graduate before Aug, 2023) or have high school graduate equivalency approved by an authorized organization

※ Qualification examinations and programs such as GED, home schooling, cyber schooling or other high school equivalency certificates are not regarded as high school diploma

6. Required Documents

제출서류 표
Documents Details Original
Online Application Submit online application on SLI Website  
Personal Statement/
Pre-level Test
Complete the attached form on SLI Website and upload the file online  

Copy of Passport

(applicant, both parents)
  • Copy of applicant's and parents' passport(Colored)
  • Replaceable documents: Copy of alien registration card, Certificate of Nationality, Translated Notary of Domestic Issued ID card
Photo Photo file, size of 3.5cm×4.5cm
(Upload on the online application form)

Family Relationship Certificate

※ Original document date: Documents issued within 3 months of the registration start date
  • 1. Chinese Nationals
    • Family relationship Certificate
    • If applicants can't issue certificate : Hukoubu(In Hukoubu, householder must be one of parents and include the family relationship, grandparents cannot be submitted)
  • 2. Other than Chinese Nationals
    • Certificate of Birth (Must include the nationality and relationship between applicant and parents)

※ Applicants who abandoned Korean citizenship

  • ① Applicant and parents abandoned Korean nationalities by the time of application (submission of proof of denationalization with the date of both the applicant and parents required)
  • ② Submission of proof of obtaining foreign nationality with the date of both applicant and parents required

Graduation Certificate (Diploma)
and Transcript of High School

※ Original document date: Documents issued within 3 months of the registration start date

1. Applicants who graduated from high school in China

1) Graduate
  • ① Certificate of Graduation(学信网) Verification Report of China Secondary Education Qualification Certificate (English)
  • ② Translated and notarized Transcript with consular confirmation
2) Expected Graduates
  • ① Certificate of expected graduation : including the day(year, month, date) of expected graduation. Translated and notarized Transcript with consular confirmation.
  • ② Translated Notary of Transcript and original document with consular confirmation

※ Successful candidates have to submit below documents

  • ① (学信网) Verification Report of China Secondary Education Qualification Certificate (Eng, original)
  • ② Entirely Updated Transcript with consular confirmation of Korean Embassy after graduation

2. Applicants who graduated form overseas high schools (besides China) may choose one of the two options below

  • ① All documents proving academic background must be confirmed through Apostille
    ※ Apostille confirmation (e.g. document, seal, sticker) should be original (photocopied version is not acceptable)
  • ② Countries without the Apostille Agreement must obtain consular confirmation at the Korean Consulate/Embassy located in your high school countries.

3. Announcement for all applicants:

  • It is necessary to submit transcript with the account about grading system
    - If not, there is a probability of be refused.
  • All documents must be written in English or Korean
    - If not, applicants have to submit translated notary together.
  • Applicants who is going to graduate must submit certificate of graduation and transcript (Both are have to be updated after the day of graduate)
    - If not, there is a probability of being refused.
    - Must include confirmation from the consul of Korean Embassy or Apostille Agreement

High School Academic proficiency Test (Huikao)

※ only applicable for graduates from Chinese high schools
  • China High School Academic Proficiency Test (Huikao) Results issued by 中国高等教育学息网(学信网) (English document)
    - Can be replaced with Gaokao(高考) report
  • Huikao Alternative document for High School Applicants Who can't Issue (Choose between two options)
    - Confirmation of non-execution of Huikao issued by official institutions such as the provincial education office and the education bureau
    - Huikao non-executive document issued by the school (required to fill out in English and sign the school seal, issue date must be required)

Linguistic Ability

※ Optional Document
  • TOPIK score report
  • Official English proficiency test
    (TOFEL, iBT, IELTS, TEPS, TOEIC, etc.) score report

Applicants must upload the required documents through the online application portal and send the originals via mail by the specified deadline



7. Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee
Application Fee(Non-refundable) Tuition Fee
100,000KRW 1,700,000KRW per semester
  • Textbook fees are not included in the tuition fee

8. Original Document Submission Address

  • 1) Korean : (우)03063 서울시 종로구 성균관로 25-2 성균관대학교
                       다산경제관 3층 32323호 성균어학원행정실 (학부진학특별전형 담당자 앞)
  • 2) English : Sungkyun Language Institute, 32323 Dasan Economics Hall
                       25-2 Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea(03063) (Admission Officer)