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SLI Online Pre-School Program

SLI provides online pre-school program for students who are learning Korean language for the first time. This program is designed for students who are planning to take level 1 regular course at SLI. The program aims to assist students to learn Korean vowels, consonants and basic everyday expressions before starting the regular course.


Students who wish to take the course can apply for the program when submitting the online application for the regular program.

  • Who should apply?: Beginners in Korean language planning to take level 1 regular course at SLI.
  • Course Opening: From the day after tuition payment to 1 month after regular program opening
  • 2021 Online Pre-School Schedule
    2021 Online Pre-School Schedule
    Session Pre-School Starts Pre-School Ends Regular Program Starts
    2021-4 Day after Tuition payment September 30 August 30
    2021-5 December 1 November 1
    2021-6 January 30, 2022 December 30

  • Course Format : Online video class (SLI LMS)
  • Course Contents : Korean vowels, consonants and basic expressions
    basic expressions
    구분 수업내용 구분 수업내용
    Ch.1 Vowel 1 Ch.4 Vowel 2
    Ch.2 Consonant 1 Ch.5 Batchim (final consonant)
    Ch.3 Consonant 2 Ch.6 Greetings

  • Course length : 6 classes (Each class 10~25 min.)
  • Tuition : 50,000KRW (Non-refundable)

※ Preschool is a non-refundable course available in a day after a user’s payment.
Give a careful thought to your application.(Separate from cancelling the Regular course).


[Online Pre-school sample class video]