Inspiring Future, Grand Challenge

Regular Course


Regular Course


Level 1

  • Consonants and vowels, basic pronunciation and sentence patterns
  • Basic verbs and adjectives
  • Able to form and understand potential, everyday language
  • Key activities: Self-introduction, numbers through games, quantitative nouns and conversations for shopping, subway route maps, order food at restaurants and other provided by instructors
  • Weekly Lecture Plan
    Level 1 Weekly Lecture Plan
    Wk Topic Grammar Speaking
    1 Hangul Self-introduction
    • Consonants and vowels
    • My country and job
    • Greeting
    • Write and speak about myself
    2 Place and tool My day
    • Describe place and tool
    • Describe date and time
    • Basic verb and adjectives present tense
    • Describe where tool and place are located
    • Write and speak my day plan
    • Q&A about time and day
    3 Food
    • Express food
    • Describe my favorite food
    • Describe what I want
    • Q&A about food
    • Order food in restaurant
    4 Weekend Shopping
    • Past tense
    • Numbers and counting noun
    • Describe about my last weekend
    • Order and sell goods
    5 Plan Transportation
    • Future tense
    • Express transportation
    • Ordering and prohibiting sentence
    • Q&A about vacation
    • Order and ask .
    • Ask directions (map, subway)
    • Set class rules
    6 Season and weather Travel
    • Express season and weather
    • Formal expression
    • Expression for travel
    • Season and weather in my country
    • Describe and recommend travel site
    7 Family Hobby
    • Vocabulary for family and polite expression
    • Describe my hobby
    • Express ability and inability
    • My family
    • My hobby
    8 Health Break and vacation
    • Express health condition
    • Express emotion
    • Conversation in doctors’ office
    • My plan for vacation and break



Level 2

  • Practice sentence patterns for daily life
  • Connect sentences using sentence ending parts
  • Informal expression
  • Key activities: Ask in shopping, party planning and invitation, experiences in travel, shopping, living in Korea, watching performances, understanding Korean culture, describing my country, and planning show performance.
  • Weekly Lecture Plan
    Level 2 Weekly Lecture Plan
    Wk Topic Grammar Speaking
    1 Greeting Travel and experience
    • Tell about myself
    • Describe my experience
    • Student ID card
    • Where to travel
    2 Shopping and plan Invitation and visiting
    • Purchasing
    • Invite friends
    • Exchange my purchased goods
    • Invitation and celebrating
    3 Households Personality and looks
    • Adnominal sentence
    • Express friends’ personality and looks
    • My chore home
    • Imagine personality and describe looks
    4 Habit Watching performance
    • Express rules
    • Find show information
    • Giving advice on bad habits
    • Find and share show information
    5 Living in Korea Order and manner
    • Express my though
    • Express my future job
    • Share my living in Korea
    • Describe different manners between my country and Korea
    6 Mood and emotion Taste and food
    • Express my feeling
    • Express what I like and what I am good at
    • Consolation and compliment
    • Recommend restaurant with reasons
    7 Campus life Gratitude and Present
    • Express in informal way
    • Describe what is unfamiliar for me
    • Speak in informality
    • Express gratitude
    8 Sports and health My future
    • Grammar for writing
    • Tell my health management
    • Tell my future plan



Level 3

  • Indirect quotations that delivering other’s saying
  • Learn how to connect sentences and use advanced expression
  • Fluent communication for daily life
  • Read articles for secondhand understanding Korean life and culture
  • Key activities: My college life and career path, leisures and trend, tastes, public services and etiquettes, Korean wedding culture and holidays, anxiety
  • Weekly Lecture Plan
    Level 3 Weekly Lecture Plan
    Wk Topic Grammar Speaking
    1 Student club My talent and career path
    • Listen and paraphrase other’s saying
    • Culture of student club
    • Plan my career path
    2 Housing Leisure
    • 경험한 후에 발견한 일과 느낌 말하기
    • Find my housing
    • Popular leisures
    3 Food and cooking Shopping
    • Imagine future
    • Tastes and flavors
    • Conversation for exchange service at stores
    4 Repair Weather and travel
    • Identify facts and conjecture
    • Conversation for repair service
    • Living parts related to weather
    5 Exercise and health
    • Describe the past
    • Behaviors for health
    6 Public services and responsibility
    • Describe details of places
    • How to behave in public services
    7 Holiday and invitation Love and marriage
    • Korean proverb
    • Holiday culture
    • My thoughts about marriage
    8 Anxiety and counselling
    • Describe regretful behaviors
    • Describe my worries and regrets
    • Counsel



Level 4

  • Vocabularies and sentence patterns for daily life and professional way
  • Listen to articles on difference between generations, job seeking, view of economy, communication and describe my opinion
  • Describe holidays, festivals, arts, and interesting parts from my country
  • Key activities: Research and describe up-to-date incidents, identify how indicates people in Korean and my culture, how solve generation difference, right view of economy, writing personal statement, preparing for a interview, analytic writing based on graph
  • Weekly Lecture Plan
    Level 4 Weekly Lecture Plan
    Wk Topic Grammar Speaking
    1 Celebration and consolation Cultural experience
    • Expression for celebration and consolation
    • Expression for cultural experience
    • Describe celebration in different situations
    • Cultural experience that I would like to have
    2 Incident How to indicate people
    • Expressions used when reporting incidents
    • Expression to indicate people in Korea
    • Present up-to-date incidents
    • Present how indicates people in Korea based on my experience
    3 Information and life Jinx and superstition
    • Expression for information society
    • Expression for jinx and superstition
    • Discussion on information society
    • Describe superstitions in Korea and my country
    4 Generation difference Festivals and holidays
    • Expression for generation difference
    • Expression for festivals and holidays
    • Describe generation difference
    • Describe festivals and holidays in my country
    5 Employment Volunteering
    • Expression for employment
    • Expression for volunteering
    • Write a personal statement and mock interview
    • Describe volunteering services
    6 Consumption and saving Appreciation
    • Expression for consumption and saving
    • Expression for appreciation
    • Describe a right view of economy
    • Present my art appreciation
    7 Workplace Marriage and independence
    • Expression in workplace
    • Expression for marriage and independence
    • Analyze graphs
    • Describe my opinions about marriage and independence
    8 Communication My future
    • Expression for communication
    • Expression for future life
    • Describe a way of communication
    • Imagine my life in 20 years



Level 5

  • Long sentence
  • Imagine and predict the situation
  • Persuade others in discussions and meeting sites and present
  • Freely discuss current social issues including tradition, education, and environment.
  • Key activities: Group discussion, personal speech, presentation with powerpoint slides, creating presentation script
  • Weekly Lecture Plan
    Level 5 Weekly Lecture Plan
    Wk Topic Integrated grammar and speaking
    1 Attractions Attires
    • Research the origin of attractions and present
    • My opinions about appropriate attire
    • Write about traditional clothes in different countries
    2 Giving People
    • Present donations I can do and watch video about donation
    • Virtual interview with a great person in history who overcame disability or life obstacle
    3 Sports
    • My favorite sports, how to play, and sports terms
    • Write using proverbs
    4 Modern society
    • How solve ‘low birth rate’ and ‘aging society’, presentation and discussion
    • Expression for sound and motion
    5 Traditional performing arts Education
    • Research traditional performing arts themed Tal and create a video about my research
    • Problems of early education and solutions
    6 Economy Social welfare
    • Research general economy and sharing economy and propose revitalizing strategy for the sharing economy
    • Social welfare and write on political topics
    7 Science Advertising and consumption
    • Describe symptoms of cold and influenza viruses
    • Pros and cons about commercial advertising, design advertising
    8 Environment Pleasant life
    • Watch videos about environmental problems, verbally describe and write about climate change
    • Happiness index, self-achievement



Level 6

  • Discuss and give a presentation using advanced vocabulary and sentence patterns
  • Improve fluency in idioms and Chinese character idioms
  • Understand Korean culture and history and present how different from my country
  • Understand and discuss Korean history, culture, politics, and social issues.
  • Developing listening and reading skills to participate and summarize university lectures.
  • Key activities: Creating a personal video, discussions, presentations
  • Weekly Lecture Plan
    Level 6 Weekly Lecture Plan
    Wk Topic Integrated grammar and speaking
    1 Communicative culture House and living
    • Understand 1-person media
    • Create a personal video
    • Traditional house and modern living
    2 Consumer and marketing Culture and thought
    • Understand and present about economy
    • Understand Korean social culture
    • Debate on hierarchies and collectivist cultures
    3 Korean history Cultural heritage
    • Understand Korean history
    • Compare history of my country and Korea
    • Define cultural heritage and describe examples
    4 Changing society Creative thinking
    • Understand 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Define creativity
    5 Community and Society College education
    • Geography and climate
    • Local cuisines
    • Educational trend in college site
    6 Human and psychology Design
    • People’s state of mind
    • Public design
    7 Literature Law and scheme
    • Understand literary genres and emotional expressions
    • Define and debate on social issues
    8 Linguistics Film
    • Introduction to linguistics
    • Understand film