1. Eligibility

  • Eighteen (18) years or older as of application submission date AND hold a regular high school diploma (or an equivalent educational qualification) or higher level

2. Application process

  • 1) Click the blue buttom below Online Application to start an application. 
  • 2) Scan and upload your prepared application materials on your e-application.  Originals of requirement#3 and #4 must be sent to the SLI office by post or visit. 
  • 3) SLI Admissions Committee reviews application duly submitted. It takes 5-7 business days on average.  Interview or additional material may be asked to applicants if necessary.
  • 4) The Admisison Committee's decision is sent to the applicant's email. Admitted students will be informed with a tuition invoice and asked to pay their tuition by payment deadline.
  • 5) You're successfully enrolled when complete your tuition payment. For student visa(D-4) applicants, continue to #6. 
  • 6) Request the SLI admission letter to the SLI office. We need 2-3 business days for processing the letter. Start your visa application in the Korean embassy, with the received letter.  
  • 7) All new students must attend the orientation and placement test, on the notified date. Contact us for late arrival. 
[What’s D-4 visa?]
  • In accordance with Korean visa policy announced by the Ministry of Justice, foreigners, who wish to apply for the D-4 visa, should enroll in one of the accredited language programs for 90 days or longer. 
  • D-4 visa holders are restricted to any income generating activities in Korea. Therefore, D-4 applicants are required to submit proof of their financial stability (such as a bank statement) to the Korean Embassy. 
  • We do NOT permit our D-4 students' having part or full-time job during their registration period.  No support or permission is provided for students' job seeking or hiring process.  

3. Application requirements

Mail your application materials to:
Application submission
(Humanities & Social Sciences Campus)

SLI Admission Committee

Room 32323, Dasan Hall of Economics

25-2 Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongno-gu

Seoul 03063, Republic of Korea

서울특별시 종로구 성균관로 25-2

성균관대학교 다산경제관 3층 32323호


한국어학당 입학 심사 위원회 귀하

(우편번호: 03063)

(Natural Sciences Campus)

The admissions Committee, Sungkyun Language Institute,

51201 A, 2nd Floor, Basic Academics Hall,

Sungkyunkwan University,

2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu,

Gyeonggi-do 16419, Republic of Korea

경기도 수원시 장안구 서부로 2066

성균관대학교 기초학문관 51201A호


한국어학당 입학 심사 위원회 귀하

(우편번호: 16419)

Contact info
Contact Info
Campus Language Phone e-Mail
(Humanities &
Social Sciences Campus)
English +82-2-760-1345
Chinese (simplified) +82-2-760-1341
Chinese (traditional) +82-2-760-1225
(Natural Sciences Campus)
Chinese+Japanese +82-31-290-5522
English +82-31-290-5522
Application requirements by Status
Subject A   (Applicants who will NOT apply for D-4)

The applicant must meet one of the followings :

  • 1) Single session enrollment with visa-waiver
  • 2) Legally permitted status other than D-4
  • 3) Korean citizens or permanent residents
  Requirements Submission
01 SLI Application Online Application Required

Copy of valid passport


Certificate from applicant's finally enrolled degree program

※ No need to submit for distance learners not entering Korea.

*School report(Item#2) may include academic records, transcripts, counselor recommendation, school profile, and mid-year report. 
subject b
Subject B  (Applicants who will apply for D-4)

The applicant must attend for 2 sessions or more.

  Requirements Submission
01 SLI Application  Online Application Required
02 Copy of valid passport  Required
03 Certificate [1] from applicant's finally enrolled degree program Required
04 Original statement of bank 

 - Minimum amount: USD10,000 or equivalent in different currency  

 - Account holder must be the applicant oneself or immediate family member's name

 - Ending balance date must be 30 days of applican'ts submission

05 Legally issued certificate that verifies applicant's family relationship
  • Copy of family registry or birth certificate
  • Copy of ID cards (of the holder's country) of applicant & applicant's family members
06 Copy of Alien Registration Card, front and back
(if the applicant has achieved it before)
07 Korean sponsorship :
  • Required to applicants whose nationality is designated by Korean ministry of justice("대한민국 법무부가 지정한 불법 체류 다발 국가").
  • SLI accepts only Korean sponsor(s) who lives in the Republic of Korea.
    1. 1) The Letter of Guarantee (신원보증서) - downloadable on this webpage*
    2. 2) A copy of official ID card in the Republic of Korea (주민등록증 사본 또는 운전면허증 사본)
    3. 3) An original certificate of employment or a copy of business license (재직증명서 원본 또는 사업자등록증 사본)
    4. 4) Financial statement as one of the followings :
      • (a) The original bank certificate of deposit balance (예금잔고증명서 원본)
      • (b) Original withholding receipt (원천징수영수증 원본)
      • (c) Original real estate contract (부동산거래계약서 사본 또는 부동산소유증명서 원본)


for those from 21 designated countries of high rate of illegal stay

[1] Certificate(Item#2) may include academic records, transcripts, counselor recommendation, school profile, and mid-year report. 
  It must be certified copy as holding one of the followings :
    1) Apostille   2)  Consular legalization from the Korean Embassy in one's home country
  1) What's apostille*?
An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document (e.g., a birth, marriage or death certificate, a judgment, an extract of a register or a
notarial attestation). 
Click here to check the Apoostille authorities and related laws of your country.  If not listed in the page, your country may not be a member state.
  2) What's consular legalization
If you found out that you cannot use the Apostille service, this is the other way to verify that your documents are legitimate. This service is available in the Korean embassy in your country. Contact the embassy and get information for leglization service. 

Downloadable materials:


Korean Sponsorship Letter (Click to download)

  • Admission Policy
  • 1) Additional requirements or an interview may be required upon the SLI Admission Committee's decision. 
  • 2) SLI has a right to cancel admission or reject the application if the application materials are turned out to be forged or unauthentic, with no tuition refund. This is still applicable for admitted students who have started studying at SLI.
  • 3) All submitted materials must be either Korean or English. The applicant must submit document notarized /translated in Korean or English if the original copy is not in Korean or English.
  • 4)  School records must be all certified by one of the followings:  1) apostille   2)confirmation from the Korean Embassy in your country  
  • 5) Materials submitted to the SLI shall NOT be returned for any reason. 
  • 6) Admission package is withheld until the tuition amount is fully  paid.  
  • 7) Students' attendance is the most critical issues for their stay. If the attendance rate of a student is lower than 80%, his or her visa will be automatically canceled and reported to the Korean Immigration Office.

4. Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees
Campus Tuition rate Application fee
(Humanities &
Social Sciences Campus)
1,600,000 KRW 60,000 KRW
(Natural Sciences Campus)
1,600,000 KRW 60,000 KRW
  • 1) Insurance fee and field trip cost included in tuition.
  • 2) Our non-refundable application fee is for new student only.
  • 3) Textbook cost is not included.


Last update:   July 14, 2021