1. Overview

The Regular Korean Program (RKP) is suitable for application preparation for degree programs in Korean universities, as well as language improvement.

Campus Seoul
(Humanities & Social Sciences Campus)
(Natural Sciences Campus)
Feature Language learning for academic purpose and culture acquisition
Session Six sessions/year (Approx. 8 weeks/session)
Level Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 6 (Advanced)
Class hour

5.2 hours/day,  5 days/week,  8 weeks/session,  approx.200 hours in total

2. Program schedule

Program schedule
Year & Session Application Period Program Start Program End
2019 6 Nov 5-30 Jan 6, 2020 Feb 26, 2020
2020 1 Jan 2-31 Mar 2 Apr 23
2 Mar 2-27 Apr 27 Jun 19
3 May 1-29 Jun 24 Aug 14
4 Jul 6-31 Aug 31  Oct 30
5 Sep 1-25 Nov 2 Dec 23
6 Nov 2-27 Jan 4, 2021 Feb 26, 2021
  • 1) Only ones who successfully go through our screening process are eligible to enroll in our program. 
  • 2) Apply during the application period.  1-2 weeks earlier submission is recommended.
    3) Our application period can be closed earlier than the deadline if the number of admitted applicants exceeds our capacity. 

3. Class size

1) The number of students in each class is limited to 10 to 15, for lecture quality.

2) Class schedule 

Class schedule
  Time Hours
Class01 09:00~10:05 AM 65min
Class02 10:15~11:20 AM 65min
Lunch break 11:20 AM~12:30 PM 70min
Class03 12:30~01:35 PM 65min
Class04 01:45~02:50 PM 65min
Total   200hrs

4. Field Trip

Students join cultural activities to have a hands-on cultural experience.

5. Textbook

We proudly use "Sungkyun Korean (성균한국어)", authored and reviewed by our faculty members and published by SKKU publishing team. Available at SKKU bookstore. Our textbook package for each level consists of 2 books:       1) Voca/Grammar and   2) Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing. 

6. Level placement test and Orientation

  • 1) All new students are asked to take 2 tests: a pre-test AND a Level Placement Test. Pre-test is a part of SLI Application form.
  • A level placement test is mandatory, offered on the first day of a session. A student’s level is finally decided upon a combination of those two scores. NO makeup test provided. 
  • 2) The orientation is held on the first day of a session.

7. Tuition and fees

Tuition and fee
  Seoul Suwon Note
Tuition Fee 1,600,000 KRW 1,500,000 KRW Insurance fee and field trip cost included
Application Fee 60,000 KRW 60,000 KRW Non-refundable
Total 1,660,000 KRW 1,560,000 KRW  

Last update:   Oct 8, 2019